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The Geocoding API (Beta)
The Distance Matrix API
The Geocoding API (Beta)

How we reduced the cost-distance calculation by 5 times

The Distance Matrix API and food delivery optimization for

How we reduced the cost-distance calculation
by 5 times

The Distance Matrix API and food delivery optimization for is a popular food delivery app in Poland. It is well known in Wroclaw and Warsaw. A website and applications for IOS and Android allow users to order food from the nearest cafes and restaurants. Accurate delivery time calculation is the company's most important business process and the biggest determinant of client satisfaction.
lunch24 case study
Lunch24 receives hundreds of orders from different locations every day. Up to 1 000 000 000 requests per month must be sent by an API. When the company used Google Distance Matrix, the cost-distance calculations were high. In 2019 the business turned to our solution to reduce them.

One of the tasks of food delivery optimization related to traffic data was to calculate the delivery time that starts not only in the moment, but also in the future. We provided a parameter in the query that accommodated the date and time of departure to provide the traffic data.

A new Distance Matrix API covered all the business requirements, so geocoding wasn't needed. A customer who wants to order food simply inputs their delivery address or sets a point on the map. Then they see a list of nearby restaurants and cafes. They are provided with the delivery time in minutes for every dish.

It's possible to calculate delivery times to the second, but the delivery time is displayed in minutes on the website.
estimated delivery time
Users can see the delivery time of their order immediately after they input their address, because the request is returned from the API in less than 0.3 of a second.
The results of using a new API and food delivery optimization:
Lunch24 reduced the cost-distance calculation by 5 times.
The company was able to update its client base because the API helped to reduce the costs of requests and it became profitable.
We continue to improve business processes and databases of Lunch24 to achieve even greater cost-effectiveness and speed.
"We used Google API, but in 2018 the price became too expensive. We started looking for a cheaper solution that would have the same effectiveness for our business. The Distance Matrix API coped with all the tasks we set for them. Thanks to their work, we improved our delivery system and managed to reduce the distance-cost calculations by 5 times. We've been working with this new API for about five months and are satisfied with its possibilities."
Client's review
Mateusz Sowa
CTO at
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