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What is this initiative?
We're on a mission to connect and empower nonprofits with our cutting-edge distance calculation tools, making your operations smoother and more efficient. Now, we're inviting you to help spread the word about the benefits of—and earn exclusive rewards in the process!

Your firsthand experiences using our tools can significantly influence other nonprofits looking for solutions we offer. By sharing your review on external platforms, you're not just supporting us — you're guiding others in the nonprofit community towards tools that can transform their work.
Step 1
You can choose several options to get your bonuses for the maximum possible benefit.
10000 elements
Share your story, describe your use case, attach screesnshots and your photo with feedback
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20000 elements
Make the video about our API or tell us what tasks the API helped you to solve, show some demo or examples
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Step 2
Fill in this form when the conditions of the block is fulfilled. Provide your email, proof of review and selected extension period (Option field).
1000 elements: add a link to your review in a message field and your account email
5000 elements: add a link to your review in a message field and your account email
10000 elements: tell about your project, describe the task that API helped to solve, add links to the document in the Message field, and upload your files (images, documents).
20000 elements: add a link to your video in the Message field. The video length should be 1,5-6 minutes.
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Step 3
After the form submittion, we will review your application and inform when your bonuses are awarded.