The Distance Matrix API for courier services

Use driving, walking, and bicycling modes to organize an efficient goods-delivery system


Using the Distance Matrix API, courier services can determine the best routes not only for drivers, but also for cycle couriers and couriers who deliver goods by foot. This allows courier companies to effectively use all their available resources.
Our API can also calculate distances and travel times while taking into account public transport for couriers who deliver goods on foot. Using this function, the courier service also can calculate the courier's time of departure and take into account when the client wishes the delivery to arrive.

Main API features

driving distance calculator
Travel modes
Available for driving, walking, and bicycling modes. Easily calculate distances and travel times for any route
drive time forecasting
Predictive capabilities
Calculate times for future deliveries. Forecast travel times, taking into account departure and arrival times
Geocoding a customer's location
Geocoding technology helps you avoid human error and determine the customer's exact location
real-time traffic
Real-time traffic conditions
The API considers all road conditions and restrictions that affect drivers
alternative to google
Easy migration from Google API
If you're using Google Distance Matrix API, there's no need to rewrite your current code
flexible prices
Flexible prices
You pay only for what you use. No credit card and prepayment needed

Information for developers

The Distance Matrix API's request-and-response format is similar to Google's Distance Matrix API. Migrating it is easy.
  "destination_addresses": [
    "Westminster Abbey, Westminster, London SW1P 3PA, UK"
  "origin_addresses": [
    "Chapel, Fulham, London SW6 1BA, UK"
  "rows": [
      "elements": [
          "distance": {
            "text": "4.7 miles",
            "value": 7563.898
          "duration": {
            "text": "31 min",
            "value": 1860.0
          "duration_in_traffic": {
            "text": "31 min",
            "value": 1860.0
          "status": "OK"
  "status": "OK"
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