The APIs for taxi services

Use the Distance Matrix API to determine the passenger's exact location via geocoding and quickly find the best route while taking into account real-time traffic conditions


With the Distance Matrix API, taxi services can solve the problem of driver downtime in traffic jams by taking into account the real-time traffic conditions and restrictions.
We can cope with any required load, which will allow the taxi service to quickly and efficiently process orders, even in the world's largest city. Our other product, the Geocoding API, helps taxi services to correctly determine the location of the client, even if he's provided an incomplete address. The API can handle requests for any part of the world, and we take pride in its accuracy. We strive to maintain the highest standards, surpassing those of other market players.

How can taxi services benefit from the APIs?

driving time calculator with traffic
The APIs take into consideration every aspect of the route, including planned stops and real-time traffic
Determine the exact location of both the passenger and driver within one meter
taxi route planning
Improve fuel efficiency by reducing travel times and complying with the API's suggested routes
drive time calculator
Obtain an accurate prediction of time and distance covered during the trip
distance between places
Determine the fastest or shortest routes between two or more pickup and drop-off points
estimated drive time
Provide both the passenger and the driver with an estimated time of arrival (ETA)
geocoding API
Get necessary and relevant mapping data from all around the globe
time and distance calculator
Identify and assign the driver who is closest to the client's location
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Our taxi-service API clients

gogo cab
Unlimited matrix size
Real-time traffic conditions
Global coverage
Global coverage
Accurate time forecasting up to one minute
Flexible prices and convenient payment system

Why our clients choose us

quick response
Quick response
The time of calculation is up to 50 EPS, so you can get the API response less than in a second
real-time traffic
Real-time traffic conditions
Takes into consideration restrictions, traffic jams, and other transportation considerations
global coverage
Global coverage
It works anywhere, from New York to London, in over 160 countries
drive time forecasting
Accurate time forecasting
Provides an estimated time of arrival, with accuracy within one minute
alternative to google
Easy migration from the Google API
If you're using the Google Distance Matrix API, there's no need to rewrite your current code
flexible prices
Flexible prices
You pay only for what you use. No credit card and prepayment needed
No prepayment is needed.
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