The Distance Matrix API for transport logistics and freight

Use an unlimited matrix size for your logistics application and streamline inter-city transportation using real-time traffic information


The Distance Matrix API for professional transportation logistics is created to solve complex mathematical problems, including the classic "traveling salesman", so that every truck or commercial vehicle can reach all planned destinations using the shortest routes and in the shortest possible times.
The Distance Matrix API helps find the most efficient routes by reordering stops and considering real-time traffic conditions and restrictions. It predicts the best departure time and calculates travel distance with the same accuracy as the Google API.

Main API features

We have taken into account everything you need for building logistics software:
distance matrix
Unlimited matrix size
You can find the optimum route for all planned destinations by building 25x25 matrixes and larger
truck route planner
Optimum routes
Rely on real road maps, instead of straight lines from point A to point B
real-time traffic
Real-time traffic
The API considers all road conditions and restrictions that affect trucks
drive time forecasting
Predictive capabilities
By determining the start time and considering traffic conditions, you can accurately predict delivery times
global coverage
Worldwide coverage
Calculate distances for inter-city and international transportation, regardless of where your business is located
affordable price
Flexible prices
Pay only for the monthly volume of elements you use. No credit card and prepayment needed

Information for developers

The Distance Matrix API's request-and-response format is similar to Google's Distance Matrix API. Migrating it is easy.
  "destination_addresses": [
    "Westminster Abbey, Westminster, London SW1P 3PA, UK"
  "origin_addresses": [
    "Chapel, Fulham, London SW6 1BA, UK"
  "rows": [
      "elements": [
          "distance": {
            "text": "4.7 miles",
            "value": 7563.898
          "duration": {
            "text": "31 min",
            "value": 1860.0
          "duration_in_traffic": {
            "text": "31 min",
            "value": 1860.0
          "status": "OK"
  "status": "OK"
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