Optimizing trips and delivery for suppliers and distributors

The Distance Matrix API for Syrian application for drivers

The Distance Matrix API is a useful tool to determine distance and time for a route. You can build a matrix for 1 origin and 1 destination or to determine many distances at once. Create a standard distance matrix or use a single origin with multiple destinations. The Distance Matrix API is your first mate when you need to get all the required data in a single call.
There are plenty of ways to use it for logistics, recruiting or taxi services. Let's have a closer look at how the API can be applied to business delivery with a tracking system.

Kareem Dabbeet lives in Syria and studying Information Technology Engineering at Damascus University has chosen our service for developing an app for his graduation project.

He spent a lot of time making a comparative analysis of different distance matrix API. He faces a lot of limitations in different APIs that he compared such as elements limitation, blockage or missed support of the region, absence of the real-time data (duration not measured in real-time).

At present, he has already created a driver application relying on the DistanceMatix.ai API data. This solution is targeting suppliers and distributors who want to optimize their trips and delivery. One of the problems they face is to evaluate distance matrix for the nodes taking into account the real time traffic.

The app takes all suppliers locations and calculates the distances and driving duration accounting current traffic using our API. Then it compares the travel times and finds the closest location from each point, which enables it to build an optimal sequence for target locations.

Thus this delivery route planner app shows distances on the map based on a search through for the shortest drive.

This case provides just one example of using Distancematrix.ai API but there are a lot more. Using this same Distancematrix.ai API tool you can assign the nearest driver based on proximity, provide job opportunities only for a particular drive time, and determine the nearest goods delivery point to a customer.

Client's review
"I've spent a huge time on different websites searching for the best API to give me distance matrix API. However, I've faced too many limitations in each API. After days of searching, I've found your website that combines all the required features in one place. We used this API result as an input for our TSP Solver Algorithm to find the shortest route to visit all stores."
Kareem Dabbeet
IT Engineering student at Damascus University