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The Geocoding API (Beta)
The Distance Matrix API
The Geocoding API (Beta)

Calculation of time and routes for Delhivery company with 10,000+ customers

The Distance Matrix API for India's largest supply chain service provider

Delhivery started operating in 2011, and today it's the largest Indian supply-chain service provider. There are more than 600+ million orders in the company's account, 10,000 customers, 300,000 sellers, and 40,000+ team members that help to deliver goods to more than 2,500 cities.
In 2019, the company turned to DistanceMatrix.AI for a new solution to calculate distance and travel times between points on a map.

Today, the company uses several Distance Matrix API keys for different purposes and in different software development departments.

More than 500,000 requests per month are sent by the API to determine the best routes and delivery times of e-commerce non-essentials across 24 sorting centers, 75 fulfillment centers, 70 hubs, 2500+ direct delivery centers, 8000+ partner centers, and 14000+ vehicles.
delhivery case study
Another API key is used in FMS billing and can receive from 1-2 to 10 000 requests per day.
We have been working with Delhivery since 2019. The company is improving its services all the time and is considering using the Geocoding API for deliveries to clients' addresses.

Every day, DistanceMatrix.AI saves the company hundreds of dollars on calculating distances and times between points.
"I highly recommend the Distance Matrix API. Every day we have thousands of orders and the API helps us to build matrixes of any complexity for the affordable price. If you are looking for Google Distance Matrix API but for the lower price, try this API."
Client's review
Dr. Kabir Rustogi
Head of Data Sciences at Delhivery
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