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Guide for developers on how to use API Keys with Geocoding API

Geocoding is an innovative solution for turning geographic coordinates into a readable address. You can also choose any real address and get its exact coordinates. We will describe in detail a Geocoding API key and its purpose.

Get detailed instructions on how to add a key to your request and read about our pricing plans. Our service will tell you in detail about the free and paid version and the restrictions on tokens. You will find out why our service is much better than getting a key through Google, Bing, and more.

Purpose of Geocoding API Keys

The Geocoding API web service can be used by web platforms or mobile application developers who need accurate geo data. It is possible to geocode only static addresses, that is, those that are known in advance. It will help to place the content of any application on the map.

Geocoding has certain pricing plans. The cost of such a service depends on the number of items you plan to request per month.

To understand a Geocode API key, we need to consider the request parameters: address and key.

The address is the postal address that you will geocode. It is important to indicate the address in the specified format used by the national postal service in a particular region. There is no need to add various details of the address: the apartment number or the organization name.

The API key for Geocoding is your application's identification to manage quotas. That is, it is the key that determines your actions and your goals.

You can use a specific HTTP request to monitor usage statistics for the Geocoding API. There you specify the required time period and get statistics for this interval. You can also use this information to predict how much you'll pay.

Getting Geocoding API Keys

To get Geocoding API Key (This is an access token), you should register to the platform. Right after registration, you will get to your admin panel where you could see the token. Since you are registering to a Free plan by default you will see four tokens (apps) and you can also create a fifth. If you need more, you should upgrade to the Growth plan. 

You will also automatically receive an email with a link to the administration panel, various useful links, instructions, and information about your limits on a free plan.

Please, feel free to contact our support team in case you have any issues.

Adding the Geocoding API key to your request

The API key must be in every request you enter. The query string must contain the your_access_token parameter; the key is entered there.,+Mountain+View,+CA&key=<your_access_token>

Restrictions for Geocoding API keys

We may impose certain application restrictions on tokens, sometimes necessary for security reasons. On a Free plan, your tokens are limited in the number of elements you can use per month. You can receive 1,000 elements every month. After you have used all the elements, you should upgrade to the Growth plan or stay with the free option.

Except the limits in the number of elements, you don’t have any other restrictions on a free plan. So feel free to use all the features of all the products.

The paid plan (Growth plan) has no restricting API at all; you get unlimited items per month. Here it is important to pay attention that in one request you can convert only one location, which will be considered as one element. We kindly ask you not to send more than 100 requests per second.

Please feel free to text us and discuss your questions with the manager if you have any.


Our service is simple and more accessible for obtaining access to a credentials page than Bing, Google, and others. Get a Geocoding API key using our service to convert postal addresses to real coordinates. You can also convert coordinates to addresses using our features. Try free tokens or purchase a paid version to have fewer restrictions.


What is Geo API key?

A Geo API key is a unique identifier that developers use to authenticate and access geolocation services, such as Distancematrix.AI. The key allows the developer's application or website to use geolocation services, such as geocoding or reverse geocoding. Developers can get Geocoding API key automatically by registering for an account.

Is an API key for Geocoding free? provides a Free plan and a Growth plan. Right after the registration, you can get geocoding api key free for a limited number of Geocoding API requests per month. If this limit is enough for you you can continue using it. However, if you require more requests you will need to upgrade to the paid Growth plan. The pricing and plan details can be found here.

Where can I find Geocoding API key after registration?

After registering to the Distancematrix.AI you will get access to the admin panel. To get geocoding api key please go to the main dashboard to the section with apps. You can find a geocoding api key there among the other free keys. Every Geocoding API key belongs to one of your Apps. On a free plan, you can use two Geocoding API keys, two Distance Matrix API keys, and one extra key of your choice. You can also delete the keys and create those that you need, but not more than 5. If you need to generate more keys, you should upgrade to the Growth plan. 

Geocoding api key on your dashboard

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