How to upgrade to a Growth package


We congratulate you on your decision to upgrade to a Growth package! These instructions will help you to understand how the payment process works. 

1. You can upgrade your plan from Free to Growth through your dashboard by clicking the button “Upgrade for $50 bonus”. 

Then you need to input your card details and click the Upgrade button. Please be aware, that you won’t be charged immediately, you will pay at the end of the billing month and only for the extra elements you used.

2. When you upgrade to a Growth package, you will receive $50 of bonuses, which is equal to approximately 25,000 elements. Thus, your card can be charged only after you use all these bonus funds. You can track the usage of elements and total cost in your dashboard.

This works according to the following principle: the funds will be debited a month after you switched to the Growth package. If you used less than $50 during this period, the amount would be deducted from the bonuses and the rest of them would be left for the next payment. 

If you used more than$50, the costs for the extra elements you used, would  be debited from your card. 

3. When paying at the end of the billing period, you can  receive a receipt with the number of elements used, their cost, bonuses that we used and the total amount. You can do this through the “Billing and usage” page. 

Please remember that if we are unable to debit your card, you will be switched back to the Free package with 1,000 free elements only and other limits.

On the Growth tariff, you will have access to an unlimited number of elements and tokens, as well as a full access to all the APIs.

We hope you find our products useful and enjoyable! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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